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Honkai: Star Rail Direct Top-Up
Items play an essential role in most RPG games, and so does Honkai: Star Rail. They help you to progress through the game faster and enrich your overall gameplay. For instance, getting powerful weapons can increase your character's attack damage. Some items require Oneiric Shard, a premium in-game currency used in Honkai: Star Rail. Unlike other currencies in Honkai: Star Rail, Oneiric Shard can only be purchased through an in-game store using real money. Moreover, Oneiric Shard is available in various denominations to fulfill your Honkai: Star Rail needs. If you're looking for a good deal, it's recommended to top up through a reliable online marketplace such as Gaming Center. 

Gaming Center: The Best Place to Top Up Honkai: Star Rail 
Buying Honkai: Star Rail Oneiric Shard has never been faster than with Gaming Center. No matter how many Oneiric Shard you want to buy, Gaming Center ensures that you won't wait more than 15 minutes to receive your Oneiric Shard! The fast and seamless transaction is our priority. With more localized payment methods, it will be much easier for you to shop with us from almost anywhere. Unlike some other platforms, Gaming Center is committed to providing a clear and upfront pricing structure. This means that the price you see during your purchase is the final price you'll pay. Thus, you don't have to worry about unexpected fees or additional costs creeping up on your transaction.

Honkai: Star Rail Direct Top-Up Value
- 60 Oneiric Shard
- 300 + 30 Oneiric Shard
- 980 + 110 Oneiric Shard
- 1980 + 260 Oneiric Shard
- 3280 + 600 Oneiric Shard
- Express Supply Pass

How to Find Honkai: Star Rail ID
- Follow these steps to find your Honkai: Star Rail user ID:
1. Open the Honkai: Star Rail app and log in to your account.
2. Your used ID is located in the bottom left corner of the screen.

About Honkai: Star Rail
Honkai: Star Rail is a fantasy RPG mobile game that transports you to vibrant worlds full of adventure, excitement, and danger. Using stunning graphics, Honkai: Star Rail challenges you to explore every corner of Herta Space Station, Jarilo-VI, and The Xianzhou Luofu. As you delve deeper into the world, you will come across a wide variety of enemies ranging from fearsome monsters to powerful bosses. Its fast-paced combat will definitely test your skills to their limits. At its core, Honkai: Star Rail is all about character progression, and there are countless ways to level up your characters and improve their abilities. Whether you prefer to engage in epic battles with other players or embark on solo missions to uncover hidden treasures and powerful gear, Honkai: Star Rail offers an immersive adventure experience for everyone.


Looking for a reliable place to purchase Oneiric Shard? Our Honkai: Star Rail Direct Top-Up (Mobile) got your back. Here's how to top up Honkai: Star Rail:
1. Visit the Gaming Center website and type "Honkai: Star Rail" in the search bar.
2. Click on that and you will be redirected to Honkai: Star Rail Direct Top Up page.
3. Choose the Productb.
4. Enter your user ID.
5. Finish your payment and the Oneiric Shard will be sent to your account right away.